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Sleipnir: Startup

This godlike chocolate bar has a pretty hot filling with Carolina Reaper & Ghost Pepper wrapped in with wonderful dark chocolate (70%) with a whopping weight of 250g (8.818oz). Perfect start for you who want to try a chilli challenge for the first time.

  • Heat:🔥

  • 2 min to eat each leg (piece)

  • 8 insanity points

15,99 - "wow, it's so tasty" //Leszek

Insane Challenge

Insane Quotes

Ferenc Potocki

This is on the next level!

Mike Jack

Wow, they made it vegan!

James Kloepper

Their stuff are crazy hot!

Leszek Machaj

Wow, it's so tasty!

Insanity Mascot

The legend Stu Walker has one amazing dog. This dog is like no other, Eating spicy candy like the top player in League of Fire.

Duke - the Chilli Monster

Challenge Day

Chilli challenge for the advanced really avanced league. In the chocolates two of the hottest peppers Carolina Reaper and Naga Jolokia. These are blended into each challenge with smooth chocolate for maximum pleasure.


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