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Created: 19 Nov 2022

First attempt

The first attempt at Ragnarok was made by James Kloepper. After weeks of preparation, James was ready but then fell sick and considered moving the challenge. But James just wants to get it done so the first attempt went ahead. Challenge like Ragnarok needs preparation and your mind and body focus on the challenge. If you feel sick that's not the sign you looking for. But the gods of Asgard love warriors who give their all and fight to the last.

Ragnarok Godlike Challenge

How did it go with the first attempt at Ragnarok, the world's hottest chocolate bar. Subscribe to James at YouTube and see all the crazy challenges.



Created: 17 Oct 2022

Halloween 2022
Trick 'r Treat ūüéÉūüĒ•ūüíÄ

We got the candy that scares the crap out of you! Forget Myers, Voorhees, Pennywise and the rest... We got Ragnarok, Four Horsemen, Pure Insanity and so on... These are the most Evil and Scariest challenges out there, Not the usual Halloween treats that offered at people's doors.

Visit our manufacturer

This candy is NOT to fool around with, but feel free to try something else from our manufacturer link below.



Created: 01 Oct 2022

160 Carolina Reapers
It's official...

Ragnarok info has been released it contains world record amount of carolina reapers, 20 reaper per piece and there eight of them. 80 insanity points if you complete the bar and 80 extra if you survive the afterburn!

Ragnarok world record amount...

You have two minutes per piece and you may not start the next piece until that time is up! If you complete all 8 pieces you have to suffer 5 minutes afterburn. Good luck and enjoy!


Insanity Shop

Created: 23 Aug 2022

Ragnarok T-Shirt
Updated shop

Insanity Shop got updated with new merch and prices, available now Ragnarok challenge t-shirt for only ‚ā¨19. The official challenge t-shirts are more than approved as safety equipment on the challenge day, so prepare for battle.

Ragnarok Challenge T-Shirt

Get Ready


Created: 6 Aug 2022

World's Hottest Chocolate Bar

This autumn comes with heat and evilness, Ragnarok is world's hottest chocolate bar! More information about the content and dates to come, Pure Insanity Society will keep you updated.

Insanity Scale: Godlike

This chocolate bar can't even the gods of Asgard handle, it will be like eating the core of the earth (hot as hell). Label says dark chocolate with insane amount of Carolina Reapers so do you really think you can handle this godlike bar?

Ragnarok - Godlike

Pure Insanity X2

Created: 1 Aug 2022

Pure Horsemen
Welcome to Pure Insanity Society

Daniel Flynn complete the eight pure evil red skulls that contain 64 superhots and are now a full member in our community! This is one of the hardest challenges out there and Daniel fight like a Viking and smash them all.

Pure Evil Chocolate Skulls

Daniel is the winner of Four Horsemen after complete this challenge as promised, and after few days recovery he's back with just that challenge!


Draugr Champ

Created: 29 Jul 2022

Pure Horsemen
First ever to complete the lollipop

Daniel Flynn is first ever to complete the Draugr lollipop. History was made but not only that Daniel enjoyed the lollipop in World Record time: 70:01. Right now are Daniel the captain of the Insanity Train with lots of Insanity Challenges coming.

World Record time 70:01

You can't miss Daniel's attempt on Pure Insanity X2 (monday midday uk-time) and Four Horsemen (friday midday uk-time).

Draugr Video

Insanity Train

Created: 26 Jul 2022

Pure Horsemen
Reserve a seat on the Insanity train

Incoming challenges, Daniel Flynn are the captain on the Insanity train coming challenges. First out is Pure Insanity X2 planed on Monday the 1st of August midday UK-Time. Then are few days of recovery Four Horsemen on Friday the  5th of August midday UK-Time.

After a spot in the Wall of Flame

Daniel is a chillihead from Australia who managed several extreme challenges without major problems and now taking on the Insanity challenges, first out was the Sleipnir chocolate bar.

PIX2 | Four Horsemen

Free Four Horsemen

Created: 23 Jul 2022

Free Horsemen
Next to complete Pure Insanity X2

Next chillihead to complete Pure Insanity X2 and join the warriors in Wall Of Flame will get a free ride on the insanity train with a package of Four Horsemen.

Get a free ride on the Insanity train

After you complete the PIX2 challenge submit your information here and the crew will get in touch with you!

Free¬†Four Horsemen ūüíÄ

Summer Draugr

Created: 02 Jun 2022

Summer 2022 #2 Draugr
Summer Draugr flavor will be?

What would your dream Summer Draugr taste? Except that it will be Sweet, Sour and Hot what else will make your tastebuds insane.

Enjoyable over an hour and more...

What flavor combination would you have liked at a hot summer lollipop. Some people enjoy the lollipop for an hour or more, so if it's good, it's just appreciated more!

Draugr Summer Edition 2022

Challenge Shop

Created: 24 May 2022

webshop - out of order
Challenge Shop Off-line

Right now the challenge shop has some bugs and hopefully back online soon. You can reach us through facebook and we will help you achieve your pain and glory.

Hang tight we are working on a solution.



Created: 30 April 2022

Draugr Champion
We got new Draugr Champions

What a week first out live in wacky Wednesday with Tracy Freeman got fantastic time 50min with the Summer Edition 2021. At the end of the week, news comes from Finland that we have a NEW Record this time Anssi Rantala did over 60min with the latest Draugr Edition #1 2022. 

The lollipop from Hell. //Tracy

These were their first posts in Pure Insanity Society and both with outstanding times this looks great for future challenges welcome and good luck!

Tracy  |  Anssi


Created: 23 April 2022

Leszek - Sleipnir
First out Leszek "the hiccup" Machaj

The first leggs were fantastic, wonderful taste, But after eating half the amount the chocolate started to take over. Leszek thought the heat was between three or five and excellent as a test before the Insanity challenges.

Got the Insanity in the fridge...

Leszek is always ready for the next challenge, and if I know him right, Wall of Flame is one of the target.

Sleipnir Challenge Video

N.E.U.K Award

Created: 13 April 2022

Sleipnir got awarded!

Wow last night was Ulrika live with the N.E.U.K award panel and received her award for winner in the New Product with comment: Outstanding Taste and Quality.

Outstanding Taste and Quality!

Have you order your Sleipnir yet? what are you waiting for? Get yours before everybody else! Enjoy Sleipnir and earn points in our table, good luck.

N.E.U.K Award 2022

Draugr #1 2022

Created: 19 March 2022

Draugr Lollipop
the NEW Draugr Lollipop out soon!

The first Draugr 2022 comes with rhubarb flavor. While enjoying this hot and sour lollipop, do not forget the "Do Not Drool" rule! If so then you lose and could end up on a Draugr drawing.

Enjoy the new Draugr, but remember Do Not Drool!

The points for Draugr is 2p for the first 10 min after that +3 points for every 10 min (drool-free). -Good Luck!

Draugr  Challenge

Sleipnir Challenge

Created: 12 February 2022

New challenge coming 25/3 Sleipnir Challenge

Sleipnir was an eight-legged horse ridden by Odin and described as the best of all horses, and sometimes ridden to the location of Hel to get Helheim another awesome product from gammelstads. This chocolate bar has eight big pieces or legs with a weight of total 250g with an awesome filling.

If you pass Sleipnir you will earn eight Insanity points

You have two minutes per piece (legs) before you can continue and a chance of eight Insanity points one point per leg.

Sleipnir  Challenge


Created: 27 January 2022

Draugr Lollipop
New official Draugr-Record 30:27 Ferenc Potocki

Ferenc Potocki made history when he sat a new Draugr-Record with the 2021 Easter version, Time 30:27 minutes without drooling. This lollipop contains about 2 Carolina Reaper that may not sound like much. But imagine having it in your mouth and it slowly moving down to your stomach, Constant pain that doesn't stop until the lollie is finished.

Ferenc  -This lollie is on the next level, One of the hardest challenge I have ever done!

Ferenc was surprised by the challenge of how well-balanced it was between heat and taste and thinks it would fit in well with the other League Of Fire challenges.

Ferenc Potocki  Draugr Champion


Created: 19 January 2022

Sleipnir - Medium to Hot Chocolate Bar
Eight long pieces of spicy chocolate.

Keep your eyes open for Sleipnir, first spicy chocolate bars out from Gammelstads Karamellen AB. This godlike bar has a pretty hot filling with Carolina Reaper & Ghost Pepper wrapped in with wonderful dark chocolate (70%).

Chocolate bar with a godlike heat source.

Like Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir, this chocolate bar has eight long pieces of chocolate with a godlike heat source. Sleipnir’s final ride is to carry Odin to the battlefield of Vigrid at Ragnarok. But as history has already told, Odin can't cope with the strength of Ragnarok (info below). Release date not available, testing and evaluation in progress.

Sleipnir  Odin's Horse


Created: 13 January 2022

Ragnarok - Meanest Chocolate Bar Ever
Even the gods from Asgard can't handle it...

This will be the meanest chocolate bar ever created. It will be so evil that it's only made to order, when the order is placed and the payment is made only then Ragnarok will be created in the old town of Lulea (northern Sweden). At this point the content is secret, I can reveal that it will contain chilli so much that even Odin can't handle it.

The meanest chocolate bar EVER created...

Information about Ragnarok will be updated regularly. Sometime in 2022 will Ragnarok appear for the outside world. Will we see a battle of the gods? Can anyone handle this power? Let's make history!

Ragnarok  Battle of the Gods

First Out 2022

Created: 02 January 2022

"The Pyro Pit Bull" start the new year with Helheim fudge.

This is an evil fudge and the challenge lasts for 666 seconds can you survive it? This wicked fudge contains twelve Carolina Reaper and twelve Ghost Pepper and twelve Habanero with a filling of peppermint and raspberry.

Evil challenge! Can you survive the 666 seconds of pain...

If you pass this challenge you will get 15 insanity points in the table. Have you missed when James Kloepper does the challenge click on the link below and subscribe to his channel for more wicked attempts.

YouTube: Helheim