Pure & Insanity

Created: 10 May 2021

Time to go Insane

Two warriors James Garrett and Colin Smith each take on a challenge one worse than the other both did well!

Insanity Challenge (8 insanity points) and Pure Insanity (16 insanity points).

Both are chilli warriors and have done several challenges before and now Insanity put them to test. Colin smashed the Insanity Challenge  (8 points plus 3 extra for complete) and James manage two red Insanity skulls (8 points). Hopefully they will come back and fight their way through the insanity steps and achieve success!

Host for this event N.E.U.K Chilliheads, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.


10 Horsemen

Created: 21 April 2021

Same Champion NEW Record!

Waow... James Kloepper is a true champion and update his old record with two more skulls. The new record is 10 Horsemen, those contains 160 Carolina Reaper.

Undisputed Champion check out this epic video. (video)

Take a look at this warrior's YouTube channel, Number One in League Of Fire challenge tables.

Host for this event N.E.U.K Chilliheads, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.


New Helheim

🆙 Updated: 08 April 2021

First HELHEIM flavour of 2021

Helheim is a 666 second challenge and afterburning is included, this is just a concept changes can occur. Changes in graphics and taste can be done during the project, Stay tuned. The new fudge has Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper and Habanero in it and with flavour Peppermint and Raspberry.

Undisputed Helheim champion is Stewart Tarnascheck out his video.

This evil fudge is made in limited numbers and comes in different flavors through the year, last flavour was Gingerbread.

Gammelstads Karamellen AB

First Woman Ever PIX2

Created: 30 March 2021

First ever female attempt on Pure Insanity X2

In a near future will first ever female attempt on Pure Insanity X2. The event is not broadcast live, Hope everything goes by plan so we can publish this pioneer video afterwards.

Pure Insanity Society wish this female warrior good luck with the challenge!

Awesome when a woman taking on a brutal challenge like Pure Insanity X2, All attempt is amazing and we love to see more of this in the future. Keep em coming guys and gals!

The attempt failed, next time you smash 'em!

Four Horsemen

Created: 28 March 2021

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

Johnny Scoville got a package all the way from Sweden Spice Climber with the Four Horsemen. Can these skulls make it hard for Johnny? or is it like a walk in park? Go and check it out.

Pure Insanity Society welcomes Mr. Scoville to take on the PIX2 challenge and join us!

Awesome when a top chillihead and legend makes an attempt at Insanity related product! Go and subscribe! to both channels!


Pure Insanity

🆙 Updated: 27 March 2021

Two legends and hardcore chilliheads going for Pure Insanity.

Jif The Fireman and Heathen Raider going insane this weekend. They going to split a box of Pure Insanity X2 in half (Pure Insanity). Four Evil red skulls each 16 Carolina Reaper and 16 Ghost Pepper with eight minutes of afterburn.

Pure Insanity Society wish these legends good luck with the challenge!

Could these skulls be a match for these hardcore chilliheads? You don't wanna miss this live event over at Sons Of Fire's YouTube Channel, Please go and subscribe!

Live CANCELED new date coming! (Postal problems)

Insanity Challenge

Created: 23 March 2021

The Insanity Challenge is an entry level challenge for the Pure Insanity Society.

Don't let that fool you into thinking it's tame. These skulls are crafted from fine Swedish chocolate and filled with superhot peppers. It is advisable to try these before moving on to the Pure Insanity Challenges.

Pure Insanity Society wish you guys good luck with the challenge!

James Garrett "King of Spice" and Cem Dervish "Caliente" take on these amazing chocolate skulls, and what lurks on level four that's the Pure Insanity "Grim Reaper" the Evil red skull from Helheim, watch out guys!

Host for this event N.E.U.K Chilliheads, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.


Four Horsemen 24k

Created: 21 March 2021

The toughest challenge getting even tougher with the 24KUntouchables Labs tincture.

Four Horsemen is world's toughest challenge one box (four skulls) contains 64 Carolina Reaper and can only be bought by hardcore chilliheads, And now infused with 24K Untouchables Labs tincture. 

Due to the extreme nature of both of these products, we recommend that you are over 18 years old and experienced chili eater with a high level of tolerance. Challenges like this you should have someone present for help if needed!

James Kloepper and Stewart Tarnas are going beyond insane, Can it get crazier than this? Taking on the Four Horsemen as it is are crazy enough and now infuse them with the hottest tinc you can fined, Date to be confirmed stay tuned...

Stay tuned, You do not want to miss this!

Four Horsemen

Created: 17 March 2021

Congratulations to James Kloepper and Stewart Tarnas, these warriors were the first to complete the Four Horsemen challenge.

Four Horsemen is world's toughest challenge one box (four skulls) contains 64 Carolina Reaper and can only be bought by hardcore chilliheads.

Due to the extreme nature of the product, we require that you who buy are over 18 years old and an experienced chilli eater with a high tolerance level. This will be decided by our management in consultation with outside experts before you can order this challenge.

Great respect to Stewart who is #7 in League Of Fire world rankings passed the challenge without any problems, after four skulls he thought that should be enough. James who is #1 in the League Of Fire world rankings and true champion opened another box with four horsemen. Unbelievably, he also managed these four horsemen and after this epic night he is undisputed champion.

Host for this amazing event was N.E.U.K Chilliheads, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.


Pure Insanity X2

Created: 09 March 2021

Congratulations to HOFFA KAOS 2nd Swede to manage the PIX2 challenge.

Pure Insanity X2 is the challenge to pass if you want to join Pure Insanity Society and it's a brutal one. It contains 64 of the hottest chilli peppers (32 Carolina Reapers and 32 Ghost Peppers) and you have to enjoy it for at least 16 minutes afterburn (2 min after each skull).

This is a chilli challenge for the advanced really avanced league. In the chocolates, two of the world's hottest pepper varieties, 4 Carolina Reaper and 4 Naga Jolokia, are blended into each skull with smooth chocolate for maximum enjoyment.

HOFFA KAOS made a great entrance into N.E.U.K Chilliheads by passing the PIX2 challenge live. This is no beginner, he has long time exposed his body to madness go and check out his profil and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more awesome videos.

Host for this amazing event was N.E.U.K Chilliheads, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.