Aurora Juice

Created: 20 December 2021

Few years ago Aurora Juice was discovered.

It was created as a refreshing and warming drink on a cold winter day. After a cold day on a windy mountain, a warm shot fits perfectly that warms your body in no time.

Reaper and Ghost infused vodka the magic takes twelve month to complete.

To get a bottle of Aurora Juice, you must be one of the chosen ones. It means these will never be able to be bought you have to earn a bottle.

Magic made by the gods of Asgard!

Gammelstads Chilli Festival

Created: 12 November 2021

Are you the future Champion of Northern Sweden?

August will be hot up in the north do you have what it takes? Take the opportunity to participate in a really hot competition with mixed strength of peppers.

Sales, Challenges, Chilli Competitions and well known influencers and more....

At the end of august next year will it be hot up in northern Sweden at the upcoming chilli festival. On site there will be market sales various kinds of challenges, chilli competitions, food and mingling with famous influencers. Keep you updated with the latest news on the festival facebook page link below.

Facebook: Gammelstads Chilli Festival

Pure Insanity X3

Created: 27 September 2021

New warriror in Pure Insanity Wall of Fame

This challenge contains 96 super hot chillies (Ghost Pepper/Carolina Reaper).

Multiple World Record holder Mike Jack smashed 12 Pure Insanity skulls.

You do not want to miss Mike Jack who holds several World Records made an attempt at Pure Insanity. As you may understand, this is not about four or eight but 12 Evil red skulls, this challenge contains 96 super hot chillies. Please join Mike Jack on YouTube and watch other amazing videos on Mike's channel

Pure Insanity X3 | Mike Jack Eats Heat!

Draugr Label

Created: 10 September 2021

The story of the Draugr labels...

In collaboration with Gammelstads Karamellen AB, the Draugr lollipop was created.

Draugr is a dead Viking Warrior who has returned to make it difficult for us alive.

A label was needed and old drawings made on zombies came into use, which is much appreciated! This image is an example of what future labels might look like. These images are hand drawn with permanent markers (promarkers). Drawings of drooling chilli warriors can also be used, if not appreciated, do not drool!

Draugr drawing labels

Insanity Mascot

Created: 11 August 2021

Proud to announce "Duke" to Pure Insanity Society Mascot.

The legend Stu Walker has one amazing dog, This dog is like no other, Eating chilli like the L.O.F elite.

Hold tight to your chilli candy "Duke" is in the house...

This dog is so amazing that we make him to our mascot! Duke has taste for the Insanity chilli calendar (and there are some insanely hot chocolates in there). More to come about this amazing dog!


First Attempt

Created: 14 July 2021

First out with the Draugr Summer Edition is Leszek Machaj

In the latest Wacky Wednesday in N.E.U.K live we got to see the first attempt at Draugr Summer Edition.

Hosted by Ferenc Potocki (Rike) that crushed multi challenges live.

We love this Wacky Wednesday collaboration between N.E.U.K Chilli Heads and Ferenc Potocki, you never know what will happen in the live. Love the answer to the question "Could this be a League of Fire challenge" - Oohh YEAH for sure.

Host for this event N.E.U.K Chilliheads & Rike, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.


Total Insanity

Created: 23 June 2021

First to complete all Insanity challenges

After Four Horsemen are Hoffa Kaos the first to achieve Total Insanity, all respect!

Hosted by Ferenc Potocki (Rike) Hungarian chillihead and awesome host.

The main event at Wacky Wednesday was Hoffa Kaos vs Four Horsemen and the first to achieve Total Insanity after overcoming all the Insanity challenges as a real warrior. In the Live you can hear him talk about the Four Horsemen record by James Kloepper 10 evil skulls. Maybe Hoffa has aimed for another record? the future will tell, Stay tuned!

Host for this event N.E.U.K Chilliheads & Rike, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.


Insanity Summer 2021

Created: 12 June 2021

Enjoy your insane summer

Inspiration comes from different things, Hopefully we can inspire you to become one of us!

Spicy jar with Hot & Spicy candy and some INSANITY surprises.

We hope you have a wonderful summer with many insane challenges and hopefully some is Insanity related? If you are one of the chosen ones then you will get a surprise in your mailbox. It can be hot & spicy, sweet & lovely or insanely fun for us to see you doing it.

Hope everyone involved all partners and all members have a wonderful and hot summer.

Insanity is the only sane reaction to an insane Society

Summer Draugr

Created: 06 June 2021

Whatever you do, do not drool!

Draugar have the ability to enter into the dreams of the living, so if you fail the challenge a draugr will haunt you in your dreams for ever.

A sour taste of Watermellon, Strawberrys and hot Carolina Reaper.

How hot is it? Each lollipop contains about 2 reapers in 25 grams of candy enjoy every minute.

The rules are as usual:

Keep the lollipop in your mouth as long as possible without drooling! The fun begins when the First Surface is eaten.

Gammelstads Karamellen AB

Buy! Summer Draugr

Total Insanity

Created: 19 May 2021

Hoffa Kaos going for Total Insanity

Two challenge left after that are Hoffa Kaos Total Insanity, this Friday live is an attempt at Pure Insanity.

Pure Insanity and Four Horsemen left to Total Insanity!

Last challenge was Pure Insanity X2 and full membership in Pure Insanity Society, this time is Hoffa after the four evil skulls in Pure Insanity. This skulls are loaded with hot peppers, four Carolina Reapers and four Ghost Peppers in each skull. To our knowledge Hoffa is after the title "Total Insanity" he may be the first to achieve Total Insanity support Hoffa to make history.

Host for this event N.E.U.K Chilliheads, love and respect to all in N.E.U.K.

Friday May 21 Live 8:00PM UK-Time